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HappyHarry's News

Posted by HappyHarry - May 8th, 2009

I've frequented this site almost every day without fail* for the last decade.

I've had several accounts in that space of time, and I've seen good stuff come and good stuff go. Trends have developed, trends have died out, big deal. No matter what, I consider Newgrounds.com a home from home.

ANYWAY....I've met The Swain in real life and he's fucking lovely. I mean he's really REALLY lovely, He's modest, he's a gentleman, he's a charmer and he's an entertainer. I've also heard from several very reliable sources that Rtil is lovely too. He may play tough online but I hear he's a total puppydog irl and I for one look forward to shaking that li'l paw of his.

So what the fuck guys?

What are lovely people doing slugging it out online?

I'm going to take a wild leap here and assume that Rtil started all this....being the cheeky little scamp he is. He has his opinions as we all do, so he might hate video game parodies and and a few other things, so big deal. I can live with my opinions, I don't need to turn them in to virulent personal insults. For example, I can't believe that cunt Fred has a million subscribers on Youtube, I think it sucks ass that far better artists are left to eat his dust but BIG DEAL. It's just my opinion.

At the end of the day, we're just a bunch of filmmakers hoping beyond hope someone will watch our goofy little animations and get a kick out of it. Why do we gotta squabble huh?

We all know the pain of sitting at a desk for hours upon hours and scratching away at a wacom hoping we might make some adolescent from Milwaukee we've never met giggle at our dumb joke on Newgrounds.com. At the end of the day we're all just that nerdy kid who needed a pen and paper so he could crack a joke. We're not that different from eachother afterall.

Let's all just get together and have one big suckfest.

I love you guys.


Happy Harry

P.S. Rtil, you're too talented to waste your time on teasing.

P.P.S. Swain, you're too talented to waste your time on Rtil.


P.P.P.P.S. Vote for Paper Chase by fellow Newgrounder Valerofond. He's the only one who deserves to win.

* Yes, I recognise the irony.

Posted by HappyHarry - April 28th, 2009

Hey you!

I've just uploaded an animation I made WAY BACK in Christmas 2008 as one of my commissions for a small family owned business I know.

The company in question are showcasing lots of cool new animations by lots of cool new animation type people, so check out their newly updated website, there's plenty to do there when you finally run out of stuff to do on Newgrounds, heh.

I've also uploaded two tunes from the movie "Michael's Mind" and the imaginatively named "Porn Loop", I hope someone can find a use for them.

I'm currently up to my cock in animation for my next big project which I'll be uploading May/June and which I'm pretty excited about. Stay TOONED*

*tuned, sorry...fuck

Happy the Harry



/* */

Posted by HappyHarry - April 9th, 2009

/* */
Ain't showreel like a no reel!!

...wait what?

This was something gay I had to edit together for college, but thought I'd throw it up on here as there's a few other snippets from things y'all have never seen before. N-Joi.

Also, here's a self portrait we had to do to make some sort of mega-fail class collage (because I'm at kindergarten apparently) I thought I'd put a pig under my arm just to fuck with peoples minds a little.



Posted by HappyHarry - March 25th, 2009


SO it's been a busy few weeks for me, that Watchmen thing did pretty good business, I'd love to say I'm working on a series to follow it up but I'm afraid that would be horseshit.

Thanks those of you who came out in support of Chuck's New Tux winning for best movie of 2008. I owe you both a beer.

...I know, I didn't deserve to win but I'm not going to look a gift tank down the barrel. Thanks to Tom, the voters and Mindchamber for his awesome video, it was a fantastic honour.


I just read a headline on msn news that said "Boy survives 15 inch rod through eye, huge sandstorm AND CHIMP ATTACK!!".

I was very disappointed to read that these were actually three separate stories...


A while ago I talked about something called 'Killgar's Kwest' which was supposed to be an introductory episode to a potential series called 'Starbarians' but real life got in the way...

Well it's back on track... except now it's just called 'STARBARIANS' (see below). It's my final college project due for May/June so the NG release shouldn't be long after, that might sound like a good long while away but when I sit down and attempt to do an animation time effectively disappears and the next thing you know it's 2015 and Griff Tannen is tearing shit up on a hoverboard outside. . .Fuck you Griff Tannen.

I'm currently failing college due to the amount of time I took out to make Watchmen, so I need to pull my boots up and kick some ass with this new toon. Fingers crossed.

I have another toon finished which will definitely get a release on my youtube channel some time after April - not sure if I'll upload it to NG though as it isn't my best - I wouldn't want to WIN ANY MORE AWARDS LIKE A TOTAL JERK.

Also, I'll be attending the UK Web Comix Thing along with Eddsworld this Saturday, come along (even if you live in Sacramento) and buy a printed version of some shit you can view online for free.

Love to all

HappyHarry87...Oh hold up



Posted by HappyHarry - March 4th, 2009

Well this one has been in the bag for some time now, it was created for as a piece of work to be sold off to a certain company but I wanted to keep the rights to it, and I have done. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut.

So I'm psyched as fuck for the movie, being both a huge fan of the source material and Zach Snyder's crazy ass filmmaking I really want to see how the two mesh together on an imax screen. When I was 16 I wanted to be the man to direct this film and am frankly a little jealous Snyder got there first (well..after like 4 others pulled out). I hope he does it justice.

Speaking of justice, it's in dark, formed rubber fitted times like these that we must strive to remember the simpler happier superheroes of yesteryear, before Alan Moore and Chris Nolan got their grubby hands on the genre and therefore I hope you enjoy looking at the Watchmen characters in a slightly different way.

In other news....oh fuck who am I kidding, there isn't any

More stuff soon, I've got goodies coming.

Happy Harry II

Saturday Morning Watchmen!

Posted by HappyHarry - February 2nd, 2009

There is fucking snow fucking everywhere.

Literally everything is perfectly white. It's like living in Michael Richards' head.


Huge thanks to Tom and the staff for the omnomnomination, it's frankly ridiculous that something with not even 170k views and only one gag was even considered when there has been some really quality submissions this year, but I appreciate the nod big style.

So I'm about a week away from finally submitting some new toons, one of which takes the cake as being my personal favourite thing I've done yet, it's a parody, but not in the usual way, and I think those that get it will totally get it. :)

On top of commissions, college stuff, the street fighter collab and various voice acting bits and pieces I've never faced such a big pile of work. In fact you could say I'm.... SNOWED IN.

Or you could not.


P.S. Here is a vague screengrab from the up and coming.


Posted by HappyHarry - January 19th, 2009


The Good:

Returned yesterday from the my 3 day Newgrounds UK blowout, it was shambolic fun of the highest order, I made some sexy new friends and caught up with some sexy old ones too. The majority of people I dealt with were so staggeringly nice I didn't want to make any special mentions for fear of leaving someone out but...

Tom Fulp - Fuck me he's nice in person.

The Swain - I didn't think flash animators could be such pimps and also such sweethearts, I want to be this guy when I hit puberty.

Luis - My knight in a shining poncho.

Bob - After a day of knowing this guy he offers me a place to stay in the US, I figure after a week or so he might donate me bodily organs, what a class act.

Almightyhans - Still my number one.

Rest assured, there are some amazing people behind the scenes of this website, my apologies to those I didn't mention but this post could go on forever otherwise...

The Bad:

Am working overtime to complete the last of my commissions for now, some new toons have been finished so I promise them soon, unfortunately I've fallen behind as fuck in my studies and am failing hard @ life due to the insane workload, 10k word essay due in 9 days as well, love it...

In a months time when shit is back to normal I will throw some sort of party, you and your women are invited. Srsly.

The Fugly:

Me and Tom 'O face', I love this big.


Posted by HappyHarry - January 1st, 2009

What more exciting way is there to kick off the new year than with a wretched tech question?

So I'm currently trying to export an fla. as a quicktime movie from CS3, it's for a comission and i have to hand it over in the .mov format...

Here's the thing, the swf plays back fine at 25fps (more or less) despite the multiple effects being used, but the quicktime movie of that same file has massive frame rate drop in the graphics intense bits. I can't export to avi as movie clips refuse to play back in avi at all...

I imagine other people have encountered this problem and not just me, I'd love to know how you might have tackled it. The toon will end up on NG as a gloriously crisp swf so no worries there, but I can't hand over this choppy crapfest and expect to get payed!. Any ideas?

Also, here's a drawing to make shit less boring...

Harry New year

Love Happy

FLASH 2 QUICKTIME: This time it's sucktacular

Posted by HappyHarry - December 24th, 2008


This is just a great big fat Christmas wish to absolutely everyone on NG, from the greatest of fulps, to the tiniest of forumers

This site is truly awesome and I've had an amazing year on it, the support and love I've gotten since I started getting serious and actually uploading more than once per aeon has been well and truly appreciated. The responses I've gotten have spurned me on to do much bigger and better things. I have at least 4 solo projects lined up for release over the next six months alone, 2009 will rock!

I'm still in commission hell doing my work for playboy, I can't believe I have to sit in my heated three story home working at my personal computer on Christmas Eve, it's totally like a Dickens novel.

Merry Easter Newgrounds, and a happy new birthday...

Hope you get cool shit, or at least fuck a drunk chick

Harry xxx

hi-res version of image below


Posted by HappyHarry - December 11th, 2008

Well I'm balls deep in a winter shit-storm of hard work and I only have myself to blame...

I'm one of the several Christmas turkeys that's been poached from the Newgrounds farm to produce animation for a new Playboy website (Doki and Rubberninja being a few of the others).

Three spanking new Happy Harry Toons made it to Heff's wishlist and I have to deliver the goods by Jan 5th or it's hot coals for me. I've made like three all year and now I need to do another three in a month, it's going to be one hell of a ride...

...and by ride I mean lots of slouching in front of my monitor painstakingly drawing things, but I consider that a ride.

Just wanted to remind you all that I'm still alive. A personal project I've mentioned before entitled 'Killgar's Kwest' has had to be shoved aside in favour of earning some of that Playboy green, I might just take the work I've done and smush it all into my next project called Starbarians, that's due May FYI.

In other news, The American Akira satire piece has become my most watched vid ever on youtube, ironic as I spent all of about 30 seconds on it, what can I say, the internet loves it's crudely animated anime-referencing tosh.

Below is a scene from one of the new Happy Harry Toons it's about porn ...and meat. Expect all 3 on NG early in the new year...

I'll post again before Christmas, now, back to work...


Porn and Meat!