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Made me laugh. Thank you for creating such a great tribute and featuring the Starbarians. I think your animating ability and comedic timing will take you far :)


SuperColoroid responds:

Thanks Harry!
I tried the best I can do :D
The work and effort you make for your own series is insane. When you upload the third chapter it will be great! ;)

This was perfection.


Real warmth...

I really love this short James. It looks like a picture book come to life. The motion of the girl was fantastic and I really like the colours you chose.

In terms of message I wasn't sure how to interpret the film but that isn't a criticism, I think the tone of the story matched the visuals perfectly. Really really great work.

Pierson responds:

Cheers Harry, awesome of you to comment, means alot dude! Thanks again for watching!

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Glad to see this under the proper user, it's still awesome!

Btw, I just sent you a private message here on NG ;)

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you!!!!

What a story Mark!

This is utterly beyond compare.

Amazing work guys. You've brought The Room to Newgrounds.

I'm not just saying this because I love you both (and you know what they say, love is blind) but because this is an outstanding achievement and a fantastic way to celebrate one of the best pieces of entertainment on the planet.

Vive la Wiseau!

No one likes Booster...

I lost it when I realized that I was fighting characters from Christmas movies, Scut Farkus has given me a lot of trouble so far but I intend to go back and whoop that yellowed eyed motherfucker.

Great work.

Mockery responds:

Haha, glad to see somebody recognized Booster! So many people think he's just a weird looking pink bear. Thanks for playing!

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The only reson im giving this a 10 is beacuase of the Plinkett reference at the end. But thats it!!

D-Mac-Double responds:

Well now you ain't getiin' a pizza roll, buddy.

(Ha! Plinkett is quite awesome indeed. I'm a bit surprised it took 100 reviews for anyone to catch that.)

Sweet work Tommy!

You're such a musical magician.

This has a really nostalgic vibe to it. I had no idea you did this sort of stuff, great job.

Such unbridled win...

I want this all over my face.

DruoxtheShredder responds:

Haha, I'm glad you appreciate my song :D I felt like Asperchu deserved a theme that was far > than Sonichu since Asperchu is undeniably > than Sonichu.

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Taking the guts out of something then carving it up is one of Killgar's favourite things to do.

This is really great. Fantastic work!

Sundownx responds:

This is great praise indeed! thanks

Well, I like it!

But then again maybe I am biased...beaw...beawsed.

Merry Christmas Mrs Sucho.

sucho responds:


he delivers gay kisses to all the good little boys and girls

Hey man, I know stuff like this takes time but this looks great, keep it up!! Would love to see more stuff like this from you. Maybe try just a 30 second short?

bocodamondo responds:

well i allways love to do this kind of small animations to improve my FbF animations. so yeah i probably gonna make longer ones in the future

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