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HappyHarry's News

Posted by HappyHarry - October 28th, 2008

Fancied taking a break from my main project do some slapdash animation and be a cynic all at the same time, I don't think this is good enough to be immortalised with a place here on NG but maybe some of you can get a kick out of it...

Yes this IS actually happening, for all intensive purposes, it could turn out to be an awesome movie, a great story + great actors (DiCaprio is awesome, say what you want) is a good start, but until I'm proven wrong...

/* */
Love you all

Happy Harry

Posted by HappyHarry - October 10th, 2008

You know I'm hardly a quiet one, but try as I might, I can't find it in my heart to post just any old bullshit. So I thought I'd hold back until I had something new to show...

The art below is from my next film entitled 'Killgar's Kwest' which is a forerunner to something I'm plotting called Starbarians. I hit upon the fucktarded idea of doing super detailed backgrounds for the animation, they may take forever, but hey, at least they drastically lower your frame rate and raise your filesize amirite?

So I'm aiming for an early November release date but I'm doing as much preliminary stuff as I can before contacting some people I'd love to help out, I'm hoping beyond hope Egoraptor as well as some others will lend me their voices, they'll be hearing from me soonly.

Man, oh man, is this hard work, I really want to be good, I want to make movies for a living one day so I am committed to producing the best stuff I can now in hope it will one day enable me to do it with a budget. But I'm in my last year of college and there be corruptible first year vagina all over the shop, both of my other housemates are spending this evening with women, but me? What am I doing? I'm drawing fictional cartoon mountain ranges. FUCKING YES!

I love beer, I love video games, I love boobs, I'm going to have to find time for these interests soon or I'm going to go insane.

In other news, I'm deciding not to post "a very personal message to NG" regarding my sexual wackiness as I feel I've given way too much insight into my manchild brain as it is, but more power to the 8 miilion of you who did, and thanks to those who voted for getting that animation about pizza a monthly award. I love this site so so much.



Women vs. Barbarians

Posted by HappyHarry - September 14th, 2008


Just a quickie to let you all know I really appreciate all the positive responses to Chuck's New Tux 2, a few people have picked up on it's similarity to my previous work and I can't argue with the points raised, but the things I have coming up are way way different, so stay tuuuuuned.

I'm currently scripting something called Starbarians which I'm uber excited about, it will be one of the few times I've brought other voice actors into the fray besides myself and will (if all goes to plan) feature animation hotter than a thousand exploding suns*

*Backgrounds done on photoshop and slightly more shading

Also, here's something you won't be seeing on NG, not because I don't fucking love NG, but because I love it too much to go spamming it up with every bullshit thing I make. The misheard lyrics video is a cheap way to get a few chuckles I know, but fuck it, I just wanted to make one, honestly youtube and it's tempermental compression rates really get me mad but whatever....real stuff coming soon.

Harry Happy

/* */

Oh Lordi, Not MORE Happy Harry!?

Posted by HappyHarry - September 6th, 2008


I'm in that 'just uploaded a new flash' kind of mood and ain't nothin' gonna get me down. No idea how this particular monstrosity will do but as ever, it will be interesting to find out...

If you were wondering what the devastatingly awesome pop music you heard in "A Slice of the Action" was, it's none other than my sister Holly's all girl group The Shebeats, if you're into girls or music check them out. And if you're not into girls or music...then perhaps you're some sort of gay robot?

Props to my man Chris O'Neil who voiced the delivery boy in my time of microphoneless need (it broke shortly after laying down Michael's dialogue) he may be Irish, but that doesn't mean he isn't still British dammnit, Gawd bless 'im.

So anyway, this time last week I was rockin' cocks at the 3rd annual London Newgrounds meet (mmmm Newgronds meat). It may have ruined me financially/spiritually but it was one hell of a blast to meet people like Luis, Hans and Chris in the flesh, as well as the forum usuals and some big NG names. If you're yet to come to an NG meet, and you don't suck hat, make sure to go along next time.

From left to right, Luis' ear, Hans Van Harken, Yours Truly and Chris, perhaps the four most handsome people in that chair.

I'm still in the thick of preparing something called 'Starbarians' which I'll be kicking into gear with soon (to the people I contacted regarding the project, I know, I'm sorry, I get distracted), that's all for now.

Love to your mothers, sisters and brothers.

Hap Har

P.S. Youtube + Me, do it...

THE POST-MEET POST (With new animation!)

Posted by HappyHarry - July 5th, 2008


Disc one of the epic Metal Gear Solid Collab is here, and by the divine intervention of the Gods (a.k.a. those who be running this site) I somehow managed to get my stink on it.

God have I looked forward to this, and I wasn't disappointed at all. Well done to every one who got their short showcased in what will probably go down as one of the biggest NG events for years to cum (omg, alternate dirty spelling lolz). And a very special (needs) thank you to all the usuals, Stamper, JohnnyUtah, Uncle Tom etc, for making it all happen.

Just loaded my modest contribution up to my youtube channel, I also voiced Solid and Liquid in Valerofond's scene (my housemate). If you haven't seen it already (wtf) go and do so now, it's so fucking splendid.

Now I'm looking forward to that great big satisfying number two, nnngghh!

Harry Happy

/* */
P.S. Here is the lead character from my long awaited (ahem) next project "STARBARIANS"

It's going to tear your crazy legs in two....


Posted by HappyHarry - May 14th, 2008


If you're reading this it is almost definitely because you've just seen my latest submission 'Chuck's New Tux!' And as retarded as it might sound, this is a post telling you that if you haven't, go and do so. What a redundant asshole...

Anyway, it's not all fun and memes, summer's coming and it's time to get my shit in order. You could well be seeing a heap o' new submissions from me in the coming months as I'm considering doing an animated sci fi series in 5 or so parts across the summer months as an alternate to working a summer job somewhere in butthole retail sweating my nuts dry.

I can sweat my nuts dry at home.

Til then, enjoy the new travesty that is Chux New Tucks, I'll be around

Happy Harry


Posted by HappyHarry - January 25th, 2008


Looks like I got me some frontpage exposure for that fucking pickles thing, time to post something...

Here's my youtube channel, where'll you'll be able to watch exactly the same rubbish you can here only horribly compressed! Subscribe to that shit.