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HappyHarry's News

Posted by HappyHarry - March 12th, 2010

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Here is my newest of 3 BBC shorts I've signed on to do over the coming months.

What a week this has been. I consider this page the closest thing I have to a blog where I can discuss things fairly candidly and I'm going to take this opportunity to expel a big fat sigh of relief that this project is over because it was an absolute fucking nightmare from beginning to end. I animated this in 6 GODDAMN DAYS without a script to work from. It was an idea I had high hopes for but the self inflicted time limit I had (caused by gross procrastination) made this impossible to finish to the standard I had wanted. I hate the last 10 seconds of this more than all of my 2004 spam combined and they really let down an otherwise okay spoof. I had planned another minute or so of great gags and animation...but I just couldn't do it. What a fuck up.

Huge thanks to my savior Sucho for colouring* the backgrounds for the short. Hope you spend that $9 well Such. This was the first time I've employed another artist and as deadlines are starting to become priority I may well do it again...forward me details if you want to earn some green doing that sort of monkeywork...I MEAN

On the bright side, I stayed up 48 hours straight to finish this for today and at least proved to myself that I'm not the huge puss I thought I may be. Better still, I am literally having the busiest time of my life and still have another 2 projects coming out THIS MONTH which I'm excited about.

Then Starbarians in April....I SWEAR

Happy Harry Happy

* Fuck off, I'm British

Posted by HappyHarry - February 26th, 2010

I wanted to make something short to meet my new "1 animation per month" quota, in retrospect, it was a fat waste of my time as my twitter account is hardly a priority, but I hope you get a kick out of it, and if you don't, it's still better than anything by Smosh.

/* */
Also, my friend Sucho is now accepting commissions and he/she/it works for criminally low prices. Check out that shit and have your horrible perverse ideas brought to life if you don't have the talent to do so yourself.


Posted by HappyHarry - January 13th, 2010

Here it is.

Took me waaaay longer than it deserved as the idea is completely dumb, but I'm glad I finished it. I've made so many starts on projects before (projects way better than this one) but I leave so many half finished to just rot on my hard drive. It was part of my new years resolution to finish what I start. So I should probably finish Starbarians nnnrrrrrgh.

If you're curious as to what I thought of the movie. I liked it. The story was nothing new like everyone and their giant blue counterpart has pointed out, but as a moviegoing experience it was pretty delightful to look at, just a little underwhelming plot-wise.

Oh yeah, here's the thing I was supposed to mention. A talented friend of mine from uni who recently joined NG is looking to collaborate with a programmer on a point and click game. Shoot her a pm if you're interested and only if you're a walking pile of awesome.

Harpy Hapry

Anagrams are cool


a car grooms a lane??

NEW CARTOON and some other bullshit

Posted by HappyHarry - December 14th, 2009

Looks like I'm doing some more animated sketches for the BBC in the new year. They want tie-ins to big events/releases in the entertainment world. I'm thinking Star Trek Online and Alice in Wonderland are perfect for mockery and cover Feb/March nicely but I can't find anything too important which is happening in January.

Suggestions for game or movie releases or anything big happening in January which you're looking forward to will really help me out.

In other news, 2010 is going to be the year of the Harry. I decided to concentrate on the first episode of a web series rather than a christmas toon this year. Expect it to melt your face off early in the new year.

In other other news, I swallowed my pride and joined twitter like a big fat hypocrite. HOWEVER, I will only be posting animation type news as I don't plan on informing the world every time I fart. Also working on a website, ALSO working on a review series/something for TGWTG.


Can you help??

Posted by HappyHarry - November 9th, 2009

It's a rare thing when I can actually announce a release date which is going to be met. Valerofond, SeethingSwarm and I will be delivering our Po3 game Armed Prophet on the 18th of November.

I only contributed the music to this game and some intro/cinematic art (see below) and it's really Valerofond and Seething's baby, nonetheless it's a cool game, I am very proud of the baby and wish them the best of luck with their relationship.

Check out the Armed Prophet: Menu Loop I just uploaded to the portal. More coming soon.

In much related news, congratz to Valerofond for winning for best film at the Canterbury animation festival for War, Snow, Midgets, Boobs and Fire and congratz to me for winning the best sound design award for that same damn film.

Go. Me.

My other game, Dogtooth: Night of the Nefas is still my number one priority but has been delayed. We'll get it out eventually...

Love you dicks


ARMED PROPHET: Upcoming Game

Posted by HappyHarry - September 29th, 2009

Hey Newgies

Thought I'd share a little something I made for the BBC's comedy extra website with you all. I had to rewrite it a few times just to make sure that any jokes that might have been in there were DEFINITELY REMOVED but here it is all the same.

If you liked it, be a fucking pal and go and leave a comment on the BBC comedy extra mirror of the video. Apparently the feedback they've already had has guaranteed me more work, so maybe with a little push they can make me the queen of England or something. You'd like that right?

/* */
In other news, I'm shitting myself in fear on a daily basis trying to get the art and animation together for our Po3 game. I said halloween, but I didn't say this year!

More stuff soon

Lord Happington of Harold the 2nd

Posted by HappyHarry - August 23rd, 2009

And the name of the game is...

*drum roll*

Dogtooth: Night of The Nefas!!

Dogtooth: Night of the Nefas (or NotN for short) is a supernatural story driven game with point n' click style puzzle solving, a mystery story and realtime combat. Think Broken Sword meets The Evil dead with a dash of Streets of Rage thrown in for good measure. Get ready for clue hunting, hat wearing, monster bashing action.

This is turning out to be an absolute beast in terms of scale, NotN will be one of the last Po3 games released as we're currently aiming for a fitting Halloween-time release. I am working full time until then on art and script while Mike continues to program diligently, it will be some time yet before Maestro starts to cook up the score but I'm expecting greatness as usual. I will attempt to keep as up to date as possible from now on with blogs as a method of keeping myself on schedule.

In other news, while I continue to work on the game it appears as if ol' Hap Har has landed himself a job producing an animated comedy sketch for the BBC. Girlfriend gonna get paaaaaaid!!


hi-res version of image below

Big Po3 Announcement!

Posted by HappyHarry - August 9th, 2009

I've done too much cool shit in the last two months to do it all justice in just one post so here's a criminally brief recap...

I Spent 6 weeks living in the Newgrounds office

Mmthat's right, Mike and I got underway with our PoS..sorry Po3 game whilst I stayed in the office apartment for well over a month. Living, breathing, eating and pooping the NG experience. It's pretty much the coolest place on the planet and while I'd love to do a Pigpen and dish up the dirt on all the NG staff members the reality is they're an awesome bunch of guys and I miss them all already. Thanks a lot for everything fellas...

While I was in Philly I also attended the Philadelphia Wizardcon, having never done anything like that before it was a real blast and I got to meet Ted fucking Raimi. SCORE.


Phlying from Philly, Mike, JohnnyUtah and I touched down in Ol' Sandy Ago for the 2009 Comic-Con. Being a Con virgin it was certainly more painful 'going in' than I had imagined. Continuing the cherry popping analogy it was a little too messy and exhausting for me but nonetheless, I enjoyed myself immensely and intend to have another go at it if I get the chance*.

Seeing giant statues of cartoon characters and people in costume is a surreal and inspiring thing and served to remind me just how far you can take this stuff if you're driven and work hard. Getting your art out there and having it generate real fandom is something I aspire to do. Fat chicks dressed as Naruto characters aside, the one thought I had in my mind the entire time I was there was 'I want this'.

I also met Tommy fucking Wiseau. DOUBLE SCORE.


I just returned today from the London meet, it was fun as ever but my apologies to anyone who wanted a bit more Harry. I pussed out early and spent the night with Oney making prank phone calls from the Exp's hotel. I've had enough Newgrounds to last me a while and another meetup on top of it all was more than I could handle.

Finally, I think it's time to sit down and do some work on this Goddamn game. Po3 updatde coming soon. Sorry Mike...


*And by chance I mean money**

**And by money I mean by making successful cartoons***

***And by successful cartoons I mean by getting extremely lucky*****

****And by luck I mean chance!

Harry's BIG Adventure

Posted by HappyHarry - June 14th, 2009

This had been an odd week.

I've returned to my hometown after 4 years of being away at university. Although Swindon may be regarded as a joke by the rest of the country, it's home, and I'm glad to be back. What's more, a comic shop opened whilst I was away so I have somewhere new to nerd out.

It is a strange and wonderful time for me, with my "education" officially over I am a free man and I can start chasing the goals I've had since forever, but I don't know if I want to..

I love animation, love it like crazy, and I think it might be my future, but whilst the sun is shining and the girls are out and about in very little I'd rather do different things. I have projects I need to finish, namely Starbarians, but right now, I want to travel to the states, catch up on some drinking with friends, front some sort of gender confused emo rock band and do some live action films. Live action is fun. These things might not earn me a lot of money or lay the foundations for my future, but fuck it...summer's here.

I'll be at Philadelphia Wizard comic convention thing on the 19th, I don't know what the the proper name is but I'll be there regardless. Let's have fun.

In other news, come next week it's full steamy head for Mike, Maestro and I's Power of 3 game. It's going to pwn.

Happy Happy


Posted by HappyHarry - May 26th, 2009

War, Snow and Fire:

Congratulations to my friend and flatmate Valerofond with his latest success War, Snow and Fire which I did the music for. It's done much more business than either of us had anticipated and though such attention on NG is usually shortlived I must say, I was pleasantly very surprised. But srsly, congratz man.


So I'm done with university and this week was the summer ball. As you can see, I had a shit load of fun.

Power of Three:

I'm psyched to be working alongside Mike and Maestrorage for the Power of Three event, both of these boys really know what they're doing so as long as I don't manage to piss things up we should fucking destroy!

I jest of course, we all know this isn't a competition. I wish the best of luck to all the other teams involved. I don't need to mention just how many strong contenders there are and I expect to see some great stuff come as a result of this event.

Haha, I jest again, we're going to fuck you all. ;)

As I've already said I'm very excited. I won't give away where we're headed with this but check out the concept art below. This isn't going to be what you expect

....unless you expect something awesome.

And you should ;)


Smack Talk! (Power of Three)