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Made me laugh. Thank you for creating such a great tribute and featuring the Starbarians. I think your animating ability and comedic timing will take you far :)


SuperColoroid responds:

Thanks Harry!
I tried the best I can do :D
The work and effort you make for your own series is insane. When you upload the third chapter it will be great! ;)

This was perfection.


Real warmth...

I really love this short James. It looks like a picture book come to life. The motion of the girl was fantastic and I really like the colours you chose.

In terms of message I wasn't sure how to interpret the film but that isn't a criticism, I think the tone of the story matched the visuals perfectly. Really really great work.

Pierson responds:

Cheers Harry, awesome of you to comment, means alot dude! Thanks again for watching!


I fuckin' knew it!

Say it ag'n Pinky!

Holy fuck man, I absolutely lost my shit during the 'nam flashback.

Thank the great EBM no one was home to hear me shriek like a fuck.

I ain't no hero man, I'm a Vietnam veteran, my momma died.

JohnnyUtah responds:

haha. oh harry you kind gentleman.


Anyone who goes and watches your back catalogue will see how immensely talented you are at animating Your storytelling and humor have always left something to be desired but you have the visuals down pat and no one can dispute that.

Which its why it's really sad to see you waste your talent with these lazy, motionless shorts. I can appreciate that animation is hard work and maybe you're sick of it, but I don't think these new cartoons are going to win you much respect or new fans. My advice, get back to work on the good stuff. You have it in you.

Sykohyko responds:

Hey, Appreciate your feedback. Hopefully my upcoming stuff will be less lazy looking :)

Oh and btw love your Navi short!

You done changed the game...


The production value for this was absolutely nuts and I really hate you for it. LOLOL not rly. The character designs and backgrounds were incredibly polished and slick, this looked like a network show. Hania did a really great job on the theme tune too, in fact the whole intro was a dazzler.

The concept is genial and has tons of mileage for humor as well as potential to be hugely successful. I can't help but suspect you thought hard about what kind of show would do well hence why we're getting something video game related but the bitter non gaming central character makes that much easier to stomach.

My only real gripe is writing based. The episode seemed to be a collection of pretty much unrelated scenes, my suggestion is to have unifying themes hold future episodes together, even if you don't want to go for traditional narrative structures and stories, I'd like some revelations about the characters which I know you can deliver. I also think that your sound could be a tad better in places, great performances were hindered by some noisy recordings and a few sound effects were kind of cruddy.

Overall, this is still amazing work, I really think if you keep this up and find a good narrative rhythm this series could skyrocket.

HotDiggedyDemon responds:

Oh man, I wanna frame this review. I've been feeling SO jittery about this series, and when somebody like you tells me I've "changed the game" (which is still totally a hyperbolic statement) I can't help but feel totally reaffirmed and motivated. <3

Thank you SO much, and in regard to your criticisms: FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE


I've never played TF2 but I don't think doing so is a prerequisite to watching this. The animation was fantastic and really clever, i loved how you pushed the visual gags about as far as they could go and made the most of the medium you were working in.

The moment I read the title a certain game popped in to my head which was beautifully referenced with the ending. I'm glad you used such a silly joke.

Funny as hell, great job.

TmsT responds:

Thanks! I haven't actually played TF2 either, but I own it (it came with the Orange Box), I've seen it played, and I enjoy the odd fan-made comic or GMod video about the characters. Gotta love K. C. Green's "Sword Van" comic.

Fascinatingly awful...

Rob, about 8 minutes in to this I was wrestling with whether or not I would leave you an honest review, I wanted to like this, but it was an absolute ordeal to watch. Had you spent less time on this I would have spared you my ranting but as it's clear this was a really big project I feel I owe you my two cents in the hope they can help with future endeavors.

This was absolutely insane. Like a kind of abstract experiment in endurance. I've read that you intended it to be "cutesy" but it didn't come across that way for me.

Firstly, the music was relentless and scary, like something from a Residents album, I don't think you meant for it to be so ominous and hammering, but I kind of liked it.

The real problem for me was the story and understanding the relationship between the characters as I wasn't sure if they were supposed to be taken literally. If so, why was a child in kindergarten dating a curvaceous woman? Were they children or adults?? Were they supposed to be symbolic depictions of personality types? It didn't seem as if you were going for symbolism so I was left with total confusion as to what in hell was going on. As a love story I couldn't care about their struggle as Glenn just came across as completely insane and annoying. Really, what was his problem?

The art had a kind of weird patchwork effect which was occasionally pretty but often looked messy with all the stretched textures next to the slick vector characters. I think you should have stuck with one art style and that would have been better.

I just can't get over what was supposed to be happening at any given moment. It felt way too long and devoid of a story, combine that with the soundtrack and crazy images and it just makes for a total assault on the senses. I didn't hate this, as a piece of Lynchian nighmtmare-fuel set to the score from Pee Wee's Big Adventure on meth it was very fun, but I really don't think that's what you were going for.

Don't hate me man.

Bobert-Rob responds:

Well, I don't hate you, don't worry. You're just telling it like you saw it. I prefer honesty to mindless worship.
That said, you and most others are taking this way too literally. Perhaps I didn't do great with the symbolism, but I did the best I could at the time.
That's really all I can say. I suppose this is a pretty flawed attempt in a lot of people's eyes, especially people who study animation like you higher ups do. Like all the things I've done, it's practice for me and that's all I ever see it as. I'll do my best to take what I can from this and try to think about how to better future attempts.
Although it does suck that a lot of the bigger NG names only comment on my things when they hate them. But now I'm just complaining, so I'll stop, heh. Thanks for trying.

You remind me of me...

...I hate it when people say that.

Well Dom, It's great to see you uploading something new. Spider-Powers 1 is still an all time top fave and I hold out hope on you delivering more musical stuff, I'm a real faggot for musicals and you have fantastic musical talent which I'd hate to see go unused.

As for this, whilst I didn't find it particularly funny or original (hence why it reminded me of my own work, yuk yuk) it certainly wasn't horrible and the jingle was cute.

Stick with it and have fun!

D-Fear331 responds:

Wow, wasn't really aware you were among my fans. Or did I just forget that we've talked before? Well, hey, if you're lookin' for musical stuff, I just put out a Christmas short called Deck'd on my YouTube channel, which begins with a big musical number. Just run a search for it! As for this reminding you of yourself, I'm sure I have some sort of subconscious influence from you. I love your work.

Thanks for the review, man. You might have just single handedly inspired me to stick with my word and make a few shorter Spider-Powers animations throughout this year. (With music, of course.)

Later, dude.

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