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NEW CARTOON - Johnny Depp in Burtonland

2010-03-12 16:39:13 by HappyHarry

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Here is my newest of 3 BBC shorts I've signed on to do over the coming months.

What a week this has been. I consider this page the closest thing I have to a blog where I can discuss things fairly candidly and I'm going to take this opportunity to expel a big fat sigh of relief that this project is over because it was an absolute fucking nightmare from beginning to end. I animated this in 6 GODDAMN DAYS without a script to work from. It was an idea I had high hopes for but the self inflicted time limit I had (caused by gross procrastination) made this impossible to finish to the standard I had wanted. I hate the last 10 seconds of this more than all of my 2004 spam combined and they really let down an otherwise okay spoof. I had planned another minute or so of great gags and animation...but I just couldn't do it. What a fuck up.

Huge thanks to my savior Sucho for colouring* the backgrounds for the short. Hope you spend that $9 well Such. This was the first time I've employed another artist and as deadlines are starting to become priority I may well do it again...forward me details if you want to earn some green doing that sort of monkeywork...I MEAN

On the bright side, I stayed up 48 hours straight to finish this for today and at least proved to myself that I'm not the huge puss I thought I may be. Better still, I am literally having the busiest time of my life and still have another 2 projects coming out THIS MONTH which I'm excited about.

Then Starbarians in April....I SWEAR

Happy Harry Happy

* Fuck off, I'm British


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2010-03-12 16:45:06

... im scared of this flash!


2010-03-12 16:47:11

..It won't be here or on Youtube? Where can I see it, then, or am I simply misinterpreting your words?

HappyHarry responds:

How about the great big yellow link?


2010-03-12 16:48:18

why not post these on ngs?

HappyHarry responds:

Because I don't own them, the BBC does.


2010-03-12 16:50:37

Oh, lol. Figures, I missed that. My bad.


2010-03-12 16:50:56

Great concept! aniamtion was cool but i really laught about that cartoonish Tim Burton. Congrats on your hardcore schedule, 6 day wow man you must feel like Conan after that. Im reluctant to see your next projects after this display of badass productivity. Don't bother about the end, it was ok for em at least ^^

Congrats again Harry ^^

HappyHarry responds:



2010-03-12 16:51:23 that Willy Wonka's chocolate factory?!

* reads sign that says "sewage" *

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was gonna go there for my 20th birthday :(.


2010-03-12 17:10:04

banksy says hi


2010-03-12 17:13:57

This cartoon! It's so improbable!!


2010-03-12 17:19:56

god only imagines if your world looked like this....

except there would be a huge raven in a tux that read old scripture and there would be a flying tea kettle
lol great short dude.



2010-03-12 17:32:17

This hill is impossible!!

That make me lol my pants... and prety much my underwear too.

Love it.


2010-03-12 18:59:32

It's really amazing how you put out quality work at such a frequent pace. Hope you get some time off before you go insane :P

HappyHarry responds:

Thanks FF


2010-03-12 19:02:07

Poor Micheal Keaton indeed

HappyHarry responds:

Tim Burton really needs to cut him a break and put him in something new.


2010-03-12 19:45:27

helena bonham carter is the best

HappyHarry responds:

Johnny, what the fuck am I doing??


2010-03-12 19:54:10

for $9, the least you could do is link to his userpage and not just newgrounds, you arse.


2010-03-12 20:46:48

ha. ha. its about celebrities and its a cartoon and youre a faggot and all of your videos suck spend your animation ability on something worthwhile you faggot

HappyHarry responds:

That's a good idea.


2010-03-12 21:04:46

As a part BBC shareholder (£142 a year in Stock) I'm giving you the OK to put i up here, or anywhere in swf format instead of Compressovision.
Good Short!


2010-03-12 21:12:22

that was really good i laughed my ass off


2010-03-12 21:35:29

The Johnny Depp one was pretty funny, but the oasis rock band one was fuckin hilarious. It's cool to see some decent british humour being posted, as opposed to the ones which make us look like stuck up, poncy, pricks.


2010-03-12 22:06:04

Nice :)


2010-03-12 22:20:11

That was great :)


2010-03-12 23:17:02

Damn you have absolutely amazing animation skill. I can't believe you're not satisfied with this. It's stunning.

Only thing to do with the rest of your gags is to use them in Tim Burton: The Sequel! After you get some sleep, of course.


2010-03-13 00:21:16

the link for that video is a piece of shit!!!
its worst than youtube.


2010-03-13 00:23:36

damn harry i thought that whole "i suck at everthing" thing you do was a joke, but you actually are hard on yourself. I cant name one animator that can come close to your skills. Oh and since you keep quoteing the AC transit bus fight, are you hinting that your doing your own parody?

HappyHarry responds:

Thanks but this particular short does kind of eat.

And no, I'm not doing an AC transit parody.


2010-03-13 01:08:09

I love how you were able to take an observation such as this that everyone is aware of and inflate it to become the trailer itself. 6 days is impressive for what you accomplished.


2010-03-13 02:04:03

oh joy a happy harry cartoon!


2010-03-13 06:58:09

Dude that was your funniest cartoon yet!

I'm so glad your british!


2010-03-13 07:19:20

That was great =D


2010-03-13 08:52:23

Getting on the BBC is a pretty kick ass thing. Great job man! Care to meet the Pythons any time soon?


2010-03-13 21:16:37

I must prepare myself for this...


2010-03-13 23:35:31

Sweeney Todd cutting the Mad Hatter's hair? LOL! Can't wait to see it!


2010-03-16 02:02:37

WOO!!! I love your shit, Harry!!!


2010-03-16 06:00:05

I don't care so much that I can't see it on Newgrounds since you have made so many other submissions here... But PLEASE can you make the music available somehow??? It's so cool! pweeez, I will love you forever!


2010-03-16 06:33:58

Hey, as long as Burton is handing Johnny Depp is handing out the checks, he could star in an entire movie!


2010-03-19 23:22:16


ok im leaving...


2010-03-20 13:00:52

Hey Harry,
1. Poor Michael Keaton indeed. He was such a talented dude.
2. Is Dogtooth any closer to completion or has deadlines bogged it down so far it may never surface?


2010-03-21 08:33:34

With spell colour like that in canada too!


2010-03-21 08:37:43

Happy Harry Happy

* Fuck off, I'm British

Ha ha, I love the irony in theese two lines


2010-03-22 20:27:20

Dude chill. Did you get twitterized or something? No twitter would do worse. You got pissed at something.


2010-03-24 10:08:59

This flash was so much better than you made it out to be. You went on about it like it was some humongous fuck-up, but it was brilliant! Don't be so hard on yourself. It was a masterpiece of a flash! I think it's worthy of the flash portal, too.


2010-03-25 03:52:08

Good Show Harry.



2010-03-25 03:57:38

After reading your blog.

I just wanted to say I actually really know what your going through. If it is what i think it it... I'm being serious. I go through it too. The procrastination, the high expectations of myself... Other stuff.

And I wish you the best.

HappyHarry responds:

Cool, thanks man.


2010-03-26 13:32:18

Be sure to visit Tim Burton's Moma exhibit


2010-03-27 10:32:46

So... does this mean theres going to be other flashes based off this one or is this just one of the little trailer things you do?


2010-03-28 02:07:33

i love you. ill make your babies.


2010-03-28 02:08:28

i hated you for chuck's new tux and that pizza thing you submitted to newgrounds after. but my my my have you and your humor grown!!! YUM


2010-03-30 10:14:30

im irish but im with yah UP THE BRITISH :)


2010-03-30 15:09:30



2010-03-31 23:35:20

Egoraptor CAN'T be dead!!!!!!!


2010-04-01 11:30:32

I left a review volunteering my voice for Starbarians on the artwork. Did you get it and what do you think? If you ask, I can put up an audio submission of a bunch of random crap I can do. Just sayin'. And I only took the time to ask again because I hoped that it would be helpful to do so.

Also, your work is awesome. Just a daily reminder. :)


2010-04-02 14:16:17

I like how, behind the clown's head, the moon has a hidden Jack Skellington. It's subtle and I didn't notice it at first. Cute.

HappyHarry responds:

Sucho's idea, not mine. I agree with you that it's definitely a cool touch.