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NEW CARTOON - Attic Junk starring Mitchell & Webb

Posted by HappyHarry - May 19th, 2010

Hai Guize!

I animated a sketch for the BBC starring British comedians Mitchell and Webb and written by some guy who isn't me. You can view it here. As you can see, it's out of sync and over compressed, just the way I like video captures of animations which take me weeks to make. Mmmhmmm.

The overall reaction to this hasn't been good at all and I can see why. I'm not animating someone else's script and performance again because I totally don't enjoy it and my heart wasn't in this at all...I'll return to writing and voice my own comedy from now on.

Philly/Baltimore meetup was amazingly fun, thanks to everyone for being so fucking classy as usual. I'm back in UK now working on more stuff for work but I really hope to have something up here on Newgrounds soon. Don't you forget about me...don't, don't, don't, don't.

Love you all


PS Azns lol

NEW CARTOON - Attic Junk starring Mitchell & Webb

Comments (68)

whos dat guy

I'm glad you didn't put your heart into this without the animation the joke wouldn't even be remotely funny hope to see more great stuff

man, all the art work i see with this pink guy in it looks so cool! when are we gonna get to see that toon?

Yeah, Mitchell & Webb can really be hit and miss at times. No fault of your own, nice slick animation as always, but yeah... Tell the beeb you don't take no guff no more! It's either sketches for Horne & Corden or nothing!

:O Hoh dayum

It's no wonder you weren't enthusiastic. Not even your talents could shine through such bland material. I hope experiences like these make your own projects more satisfying to work on.

Just don't get me started on The Ricky Gervais Show. Seriously, don't.

Yeah, if I had seen that toon before this post, to tell the truth I'dve never guessed it was yours. Independent cartoons ftw, as always.

Wait... Happy Harry... didn't you make that awesome series?

I, for a change, think it was awesome!
Where did you get voices for the oracles? Those sounds were amazing!


don't you try to pretend, t's my feeling we'll win in the end
I won't harm you or touch your defenses. vanity and security

I chuckled. Weird how good art can overpower bad writing.

Great to hear that you'll be sticking to your own stuff from now. Like it was said before, without your animation in it, it would not have been funny at all. Good luck with you new stuff.

i'll be glad too see more of your dark and warped humour :D,non of this 12a balls :P the voicework for the sketch wasnt bad but the joke wasnt funny so like i said i want your stuff not the beeb's.

really it was great to see you again.
you really gave me one hell of a confidence boost.

btw thanks for the drink ill have to buy you one next time



The animation here is beautiful. Well done, sir.

Nah don't sell yourself short, still had your flare to it.

Your animation was the best part of that by far. Just consider it a learning experience and make sure to either do your own stuff or work with funnier people in the future.


I liked how a Whilhelm Scream is heard but cut off)
Nice job

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