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2015-07-11 17:00:22 by HappyHarry

A brief update for anyone who cares to read it!

Since March of this year I've been chipping away at a new Starbarians episode which I think will be out by August*. The whole thing feels like a big obligation to follow up on what can laughably be called the "story", which started back in episode 2. The amount of time that has passed between releasing Starbarians 1, 2 and 3 is just absurd, and it was obviously a  big mistake to think that a webseries with 4 minute long episodes, produced at the speed of one-whole-second-per-day could ever gain something that felt like momentum. That said, I am resolved to finish what I started and get 3, 4 and 5 done, even if it takes me nine lifetimes.

I am staying just barely afloat at the moment doing one-off art commissions (see an example below). The original price of these climbed from $15 to $45 as I realised that some of these illustrations were taking me two whole days to complete. Now I realise that even charging $100 per fully coloured illustration is probably too little for that amount of work but I don't want to scare people off with high prices, so the next batch will probably be priced around $60 and be announced on my twitter soon.

My plan after accepting another fat batch of commissions and finishing Starbarians 3 is to change gears in a big way. I'm resigned to the fact that I will have to eat my own words and launch a Patreon campaign in the hopes of turning my cartoons in to much better earners that can sustain me and my humble lifestyle. If that happens, I'd like to mix it up by producing animation at the level I've established in Starbarians (gotta get to ep 5 at least!) sprinkled with some more stylish but simple stuff akin to Dr. Bees and Bo-Starr.

The holy grail of monthly cartoons and a bank account that isn't perma-overdrawn remains my mission. I think the next few months will be good.




*Subject to change by months/years/Mayan cycles.



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2015-07-11 17:09:53

It's laughable to compare myself to your level of talent, but I relate to your "struggle" in a lot of ways. I was hoping Super Chibi Knight would be the breakthrough that would ease the stress on me, but it's turning out to just be a small extra trickle (welcome but small) into my coffers so I'm having to hop back into the "grind" right away to keep afloat.

I'm glad you've got the art commission thing you can fall back on when you need to, but I'm sure even that is tough to swallow because it draws you away from your main focus.

I think you deserve to be a zillionaire and make everything you really want to, here's hoping you can crack the code (and get lucky) - though you're already well on your way with the size of the audience you've built already.

HappyHarry responds:

It's real, is that ol' struggle. We'll make it someday...


2015-07-11 17:11:52

Go Harry! Working more than all us animators combined!


2015-07-11 17:14:16

Kama hurts like a bitch and it's good that we are getting a date for Starbarians coming back. two months? I can deal with that.


2015-07-11 17:16:13

Sounds like getting a Patreon for Starbarians would be much less painful than constantly creating potentially perverted art commissions day in and day out.

Shit, a Kickstarter might be even better.


2015-07-11 17:26:03



2015-07-11 17:52:29

Let's be real though; you're the last person that should feel self-conscious about launching a Patreon.

HappyHarry responds:

But I so do!! Thanks tho :)


2015-07-11 18:09:52

A patreon FINALLY, for one of the people who deserves it the most. I really admire how dedicated you are to Starbarians, it's really impressive and the progress you've shown on Twitter only augments the hype for it. Your hard work for something that your passionate about is an extremely admirable trait you have.

HappyHarry responds:

I just feel bad that it could never turn in to a series with any sort of regularity. I'll find that rhythm with another series idea that has simpler animation. Thanks for sticking with me :)


2015-07-11 18:41:07

Is that a marine and a paladin? I love paladins.


2015-07-11 19:40:25

i had reservations about patreon for a long time too but tried it a few months back.

i started looking at it as a way to provide a service rather than receive handouts. good luck!


2015-07-11 19:50:24

I'm probably talking out of my ass here, but you shouldn't feel bad about getting a patreon. As many people have said you are one of the ones that truly could put it to great use. And with the talk I hear from many artists about how youtube screwed over animators, it's no wonder that so many of the greats have to resort to patreon.

I understand what you all do is not simply out of the goodness of your heart and all of you DO deserve compensation for providing a service. A lot of people that will shun any of you animators for using a means like this are the "entitled" individuals that feel like you guys aren't doing any "real" work.

I wish you and all of your fellow animators luck on your future endeavors.


2015-07-11 20:10:51

There is so much shame and embarrassment surrounding patreon in my mind. But that is the type of person I think should be benefiting from it. People who ask nothing from their art, and put the extra effort into it even though you don't get paid for that extra. Good luck Harry.


2015-07-11 20:25:36

Hi Harry unfortunately I can no longer support the corrupt work you're engaging in.

In this very title of this post. It was titled "A Update"
A meaning one.
But when I read the post their was clearly more than one update....
How long are we as a new grounds community going to continue to eat this mans lies..


2015-07-11 23:20:35

So where else was the money going to come from then if not your audience?

You're too busy to be selling drugs on a street corner.


2015-07-12 03:12:37

Yeah, @veselekov is right. I'm pre-boycotting your Patreon. Now instead of not donating at all, I'm going to not donate at all but with a snippy attitude about it.


2015-07-12 03:54:16

Harry, You know I would love to work with you on starbarians.

But if you can't let other people help you with your work. I'll gladly throw my wallet at you.

You're one of the reasons why i picked up animation and forced myself to learn how to draw.

Thank you

HappyHarry responds:

I love having people help me! I just can't afford to hire more help right now.

WIll make sure the patreon is brimming with cool behind the scenes goodies and extra videos for anyone who wants to pay.


2015-07-12 09:27:59

I'm feeling really optimistic that Patreon will work out great for you! You deserve total, insane success. People get jealous and talk crap when they find out how much money some internet personalities make but I think if you ended up making millions of dollars everyone would say "GOOD. THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE."

HappyHarry responds:

Haha, I'd be happy if I could just pay rent while making what I wanted. That would be more than enough. Fingers crossed!


2015-07-12 12:20:03

wait ... your posting updates has it really come this far? ill drop by your patreon and see what i can do m8 you've done so much for us i really wanted to repay the favor thanks for the update xD


2015-07-12 15:36:52

Look after yourself Harry...


2015-07-12 15:56:06

Tell @Sucho if she's running into overtime on my piece, I should be able to send her a little more money... It's more than understandable, you get paid a minimum wage per hour of work/research. Glad your work is constantly improving!

Really hope you get more commercial work, Fortune 500 clients with outofthisworld expense accounts to get fat on :)

HappyHarry responds:

Actually she's on it at the moment. It's looking good! I'll give her a poke though.


2015-07-13 07:10:14

You're a 80's animation studio compacted into a single man.

I have no doubt that people would be willing to pitch in to help you continue your creative endeavors. Some folks might be a bit leery towards Patreon, but I'm sure that simply looking at your previous works is more than enough proof that you won't flee the country with your Patron's money. :P


2015-07-13 11:45:38

I feel that the 'shame' in making a Patreon depends wholly on how you approach it. It seems to me, that you can approach it like a tip jar and nothing else which is what most artists seem to have their reservations about. Or, you can approach it as something akin to an exclusive subscription or legitimate store. I've seen many artists successfully tailor their Patreon account to provide regular, exclusive content such as paintings/illustrations and tutorials in a perfectly respectable way.

Overall, I believe Patreon was made with the best intentions for artists like you, so i’m glad to hear that you are finally considering it. I, for one, will be first in line to help support you! ;D


2015-07-18 13:07:53

Keep up the good work bro!


2015-11-14 22:19:53

Same. What I do, is that I don't worry about time on my personal projects. I initially just started a webseries, and the struggle of maintaining high level quality everything at 3-5 minutes a piece is REAL. I sympathize greatly. I'm not as talented as you are, but boy, snail's pace is an understatement. It is what it is though; a one man army. If the audience want more, I just point them to my patreon. Otherwise, I'll be moving at a pace which is comfortable, because life is first, art is second. True fans will understand you, just keep updating on NG!


2015-11-18 04:43:55

the guys at adult swim need to seriously fund your project, this needs to be a series


2015-11-28 00:15:49

Hi Harry. Love your animations. I hope you can find your light at the end of the tunnel, as someone with your obvious high level of talent and skill deserves it. Hang in there, buddy. Once I figure out this newfangled Patreon thingy, I'll try to throw money at you and see what happens, since throwing money at my monitor only bounces off and hits me in the head.


2015-12-09 04:33:26

You should have done patreon a long time ago. Set the pride antics aside, you deserve this more than anyone i can think of in the field.

The thing now is, so many artists have mentioned their patreon that people get sick of hearing it. That's why it would have been best if you had done this early on, but i can also admire the thought of trying to survive on your own and being a self made man. However the quality of your work has proven plenty, just take it.


2015-12-11 17:44:57

Wow, the site skin doesn't look like shit for once. Thank you Happy Harry.


2015-12-11 18:58:29

Damn man, almost 17K fans in a pokey little site like this :O
Tom wasn't kidding about your site skin, it goes above and beyond the call of duty... he did shoot you a few bucks, yeah? Merry Christmas, thanks for the wonderful gift!!1


2015-12-16 05:30:08

You're a pretty cool guy harry


2015-12-17 11:14:50

i like it.


2015-12-21 14:39:47

Hi Harry, tell stuart I said hi.


2015-12-31 16:41:27

Mr. Patridge, you have thousands of fans who WANT to support you. PLEASE, for the love of God, LET US SUPPORT YOU.
If 'Patreon' wasn't called 'Patreon', and no Patreon-leechbags exists, would you put aside your disdain against that system?

I don't know if that made any sense, but I wish you all the good things for new years. Please take care of yourself, and LET US TAKE CARE OF YOU BY LETTING US VOLUNTARILY PAY YOU FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK.


2016-01-17 18:13:05

Dis is bootifel


2016-07-09 18:41:50

What's your deal, man? It's been almost 3 years since Starbarians 2. Start a Patreon, or get a show on Adult Swim, Make a Kickstarter for the full set of Starbarians, I unno. Just... fuggit


2016-09-08 17:12:30

Glad to see you'll be starting up a patreon. You should be getting paid for your animation, it's exemplary.


2017-08-29 19:17:23

Good Luck! Hopefully this won't take 9 lifetimes. Since, I only have the 1. :D