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Posted by HappyHarry - February 16th, 2014




As some of you may know, I have a strong interest in saturday morning animation from the 1980s, which has remained a wellspring of inspiration for my work here on Newgrounds and Youtube.

For a long time I've toyed with the idea of creating a television length (20 minute) fan-made crossover animation that brings together some of my favourite characters in an original story, namely: The Real Ghostbusters, The 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, and Thundercats. With expert attention paid to recreating the look, feel and sounds of those classic shows, in a never-before-seen blend.

There is zero gaurantee that I'll start, let alone finish such a huge task, but for all the jokes you can make about me only putting out one Starbarians cartoon a year, I often finish the animations I start and it is that fear of becoming wrapped up in something as demanding as a 20 minute film that has me very aware that I can't waste my time on something less than great.

It is for that reason I'm open to working with a co-writer.


If you would like to be involved and credited as a co-writer, please take your time to write a 200-500 word synopsis complete with beginning, middle and end for a 20 minute story that involves The Real Ghostbusters, The 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, and the Thundercats. The story must be pretty much family friendly and in the spirit of the source material it is drawing from. If this project goes ahead and your synopsis is chosen, you may be asked to write a treatment of your story in more detail and be on hand to help develop the script over which I will have final say. This is a non-profit, fan production and you will not be compensated financially for your work.

Email synopsis to: XXXXXXXX  (address deleted)

Deadline: Midnight GMT March 1st

P.S. Have fun!!


Comments (21)

Woah 20 minutes? Huge project sounds incredible though!

This should be good. For everyone involved.

I'd do it if I was old enough to have watched those shows.
I could make a game out of it though.

Whose going to pull this one off.

The turtles and ghostbusters i could picture together easily, the heman crew and the cats are extraterrestrial and for all intents and purposes occupy different vaguely defined eras.

I'd watch this though and knowing your track record love it, good luck.

You could make it so it's extremely sarcastic, like:
"Ninja Turtles? Thunder Cats? Ghostbusters? What are YOU all doing here?"
"The network thought a cross promotion would be a great way to up our Neilson Rating."

pretty sure this is a joke


I'm down to do the game adaptation :-D

I can't help much but if this gets finished I'll be the happiest man in Pennsylvania.

Can we submit multiple synopses, or is it only one per customer?

As many as you like!

That sounds exciting!

I guess I will get to work now!!!

Here's my script:

So, the Ninja Turtles are just sitting there, gang banging April when the Ghostbusters come in and Bill Murray is all: "Need any help with that?" and then Raphael is all "No fucking way, nerd!" but the Ghostbusters were already inside the turtle's anuses.
The turtles tried not to get have sex times but uh oh, here come the Thundercats and also the characters from the TV show He-Man. They wanted in on this sweet turtle fucking kung fu grip action and the Turtles were like "No! We can't fit anymore dicks in our tight little asses!" and you know what? They were fucking right. The sexy ninja turtles died from their assholes bursting like any of the hope you had of this being a serious submission.
Then, internet celebrity millionaire Manly-Chicken came out with a modified Desert Eagle pistol with sweet holosites and fucking like gold. It was like gold and shit and had a picture of a fucking hot naked angel chick on one side and a hot naked devil chick on the other. Wait. Scratch that. TWO golden sweet ass Desert Eagles with the holo sights, now ONE had the hot naked angel and the OTHER had the hot naked devil.
So he's all, "I'm gonna kill all of you rapists for killing the sexy ninja turtles!" and then he kills all of them with 2 bullets in slow motion.
He has the manliest tears that come down his face as he sobs over the dead hot ninja sexy turtles' bloody bodies.
Then, famous internet animator Harry "HappyHarry" Partridge said to himself "Wow! That's the best thing I've read ever and I've read the Bible! I'm going to give Manly-Chicken one million US dollars and make his script immediately!"
And he did.
The end?

I am a professional script writer, and i'll do it for only 20% revenue.
I can write quality scripts for easy dialogue, you will have ease of voicing.

I write funny and smart, thank you.


Im from the 80s! can I help?

Harry, I would love to take advantage of this opportunity. I will have something for you by the March 1st deadline...

Why not the others

Sweet, now I'm excited.

Hmm, I grew up in the 80's. How to bring all 4 of them together... that's the question. It has to be done in a period-specific way.. no way could you do a 'Real World'/reality show rip-off.

I'll take a stab at this, but would suggest you might want to create a script yourself, from what entries you receive... mix and match the good bits together. Best of luck on getting a winning script, one that will motivate you till the very end :)

kind of like a laff-a-lympics for the 80's

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