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Posted by HappyHarry - September 13th, 2013

So this is a big greasy serving of update stew from my animation kitchen, part fresh, part way past its sell by date, and all stuff I want to talk about.

Firstly, Starbarians Episode II is 100% finished! It is 4 minutes long and is the first part of a script I wrote well over a year ago and have been animating since. I foolishly anticipated the script would generate a 4 minute cartoon but it looks to be closer to triple that which dragged the process out horribly. Instead, I will stick to the 3-4 minute standard set by the first episode and release as many episodes as is necessary to tell this story which I aim to conclude by the years end.

Episode II was partly funded by youtube animation channel Huha who will be hosting it on their youtube channel some time soon (and not my definition of soon, but an actual human beings) and will be here on Newgrounds a week after.

Finally, back in January I put out a trailer for the year to come, saying I would make a video a month for the whole of 2013 and in doing so made a really dumb decision. I put totally unwarranted belief in my ability to become some sort of animation dervish if I just had enough pressure. In truth, I worked SUPER hard on a lot of new projects but just couldn't finish them on time.

The nice news is I now have several things that are mostly done which I can pick back up with and hopefully end the year very strong on. Here's to a good fall/winter!



Comments (26)

Woohoo, a good fall/winter for all!!!

Yay! Can't wait to watch this

Congrats on putting that out there. Must feel great!

Good news to hear! Glad you got stuff done, don't worry about not meeting your time expectations. We all get overconfident once in a while.

Sounding Enjoyable!

With all the Newgrounders leaving and going to youtube or getting other jobs.
I'm glad you're one of the ones that stayed.

cant wait for the finished eps... yay! btw, we're rooting for you! just keep it up!

Animation dervish? more like animation derrr-making-excuses-ish.

Also, I can't wait. You're a true inspiration and your work is always more than worth the wait. hug you

Thanks! But you're part of the reason, I can never rest on my laurels with talented people like you on the scene.

Can't wait!!!

Stoked for the next episode of Starbarians!
Good to hear you're still making these.

with your FBF animating skills...its more then expectable that its hard for you to make one animation per month

Winter/Fall is coming....

Sweet christmas will come early!Cant wait for the new ep.

I am so aroused right now.

will these even be on newgrounds

Of course!

i love ur animations, there so fluent and very detailed.

Are you going to make "Sexy Star Gals"? The space animated porno.

Awesome news, can't wait for your upcoming animations! On another positive note, you at least educated (and even entertained) us with your fantastic animation tutorials. The animations you make are extremely hard to pull off and it's totally understandable why each one needs so much work put into them.

Great news, Harry. Glad to hear about this, best of luck with the other projects and with the success of Starbarians II

I am thrilled to hear of your endeavors, but it troubles me that you will not be uploading the new starbarians to your own YouTube channel as well. Is there something restraining you from doing so?

Yes, the fact that it was funded by Huha so they could host it. They have the exclusive right to it on Youtube for 3 years.

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