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RIP Edd Gould 1988-2012

2012-03-27 19:40:45 by HappyHarry

As people are now becoming sadly aware, my friend and fellow animator/filmmaker Edd Gould, creator of the wildly popular Eddsworld series has lost his battle with cancer and passed away aged 23 on the 25th of March 2012.

Though an often shared sentiment when speaking of the deceased, it has to be said that Edd really, truly was one of the gentlest, sweetest people I have ever met who never had anything bad to say about anyone. Though it is an incredible shame that someone so talented, and relentlessly hard working has had their life cut short please remember that in his brief 23 years Edd reached millions of people with his art and brightened up their lives with his work. He did more in his all-too-brief life than many are ever capable of and we should celebrate him for it. Well done Edd.

We love you.

Fellow Eddsworld stars Tom and Matt put together this touching video tribute, please watch it.


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2012-03-27 19:45:05

He was an amazing guy. I'm glad I got to know him. I'll miss him so much.


2012-03-27 19:45:20

He will be sorely missed. He has brought joy to my heart with his amazing cartoons for years. I am shocked and sad he's gone. RIP Edd. :(


2012-03-27 19:46:07

This is so sad. I've been watching Eddsworld for so long and he inspired me and many others to start animating in the first place. He really was an awesome guy and he will greatly missed.


2012-03-27 19:46:44

Even though I didn't know him personally, I could tell what a good person he was. May he rest in peace.


2012-03-27 19:48:13

I glanced at the video thinking it was a typical gag video that's been all the rage lately.

My eyes have been slightly watery ever since.

Hell of a dude. Nuff said.


2012-03-27 19:48:23

He's been such an inspiration. It's sad to see him go. :(


2012-03-27 19:49:35

Wow this sucks. I really liked Edd and his cartoons.


2012-03-27 19:49:37

RIP Edd.


2012-03-27 19:51:33



2012-03-27 19:53:07

He was a great inspiration.


2012-03-27 19:54:29

RIP eddmaster!
he was my idol...i will miss him ;C


2012-03-27 19:55:09

Eddworld was probably one of the best contributors to Newgrounds and as far as I can remember, no one had anything bad to say about his work.



2012-03-27 19:57:17

Wow, never would of thought this would happen. Rest in Peace Edd.


2012-03-27 19:57:29

He must be the third death I was wondering about :/


2012-03-27 20:01:30

that talented bastard turned what would be a miserable anchor for most into creative fuel. For that I have infinite respects. With that he immortalized himself and got to share his ideas with so many peeps.

Way to go Edd, you did it.


2012-03-27 20:02:19

Edd may have died but his work will live forever in the hearts of millions and millions of people. RIP pal.


2012-03-27 20:03:21

He was a great animator and person. Thanks you edd :D


2012-03-27 20:04:58

He's inspired so many people like myself to better themselves in patience, commitment and determination with anything that they can put their mind to... he spawned a fanbase unlike no other, he adopted a fresh new style to cartoons out there, gave people what they wanted, and even more... Met the guy at the London Meet in 09, and was one of the most awesome people I had ever met, very kind hearted, and eager for pretty much anyone in his life...

R.I.P Edd... you'll be most certainitely missed :'(


2012-03-27 20:06:00

I just saw WTFuture before this post was made.


2012-03-27 20:07:07

This is surreal and disheartening. I loved the cartoons Edd and his team produced; they were just high octane fun and hilarity. I never knew he was sick. He'll surely be missed by all of us. Rest in Peace man.


2012-03-27 20:09:22

oh fuck no...
no...god damn
jesus this- i hope truly hope he lived good and may he forever be remembered not as and artist but as an actual honest to goodness human who strived in the creative endeavors of the artworld.

god rest his soul, that magnificent man...


2012-03-27 20:09:42

Rest in peace my friend ;(


2012-03-27 20:11:51

See you around, Edd. You were (and shall remain) an inspiration to us all.


2012-03-27 20:13:55

:( I'm really upset to see him go.



2012-03-27 20:16:20

Newgrounds will feel empty without you, you played a big role here and meant a lot to many. You will be missed, gone but never forgotten. RIP


2012-03-27 20:17:29

A lovely tribute Harry.


2012-03-27 20:17:56

My God... first Randy Solem and now Edd Gould. These losses are deeply saddening.

I was not a regular watcher of Edd's work but there were many who were and I think the loss of any talent who brought smiles and inspiration to countless people is one to be mourned.


2012-03-27 20:19:59

It's such a shame, I always thought Edd was funny and he seemed like such a sweet guy. They really underplayed his sickness when it first came out so I was sure he was going to be alright.
I hope Tom and Matt and everyone else can pull through this rough time, I'm sure Edd wouldn't want any of us to mope around because of him.


2012-03-27 20:23:22

Regrettably, Edd was a fellow artist I never had the pleasure of meeting in person, but there are many people I know that were good friends of his and have never had a single bad thing to say about the man. For someone who not only made a name for and supported himself through flash animation; his own original work to boot, he has my deepest respect as an artist, as well as a person.

If any of Edd's friends and family read this blog, or any of the posts regarding this tragedy, you have my deepest sympathies and condolences.


2012-03-27 20:32:45

My god, this is..... depressing. I had a few close family members fight and lose the battle with cancer, I can't imagine how hard this will be for his family and friends. It's a shame really, such a talented, young soul with so much optimism to die like this.


2012-03-27 20:43:06

Being an old Newgrounds member I see artists come and go but Edd was different, he cared about his audience and did everything in his ability to impress us. I am the same age as Edd so its disheartening to see him go so will be missed Edd but NEVER forgotten.


2012-03-27 20:43:23

I really didn't know Edd much, though I did talk to him on Skype and Steam now and again. I remember him as a generally nice, funny guy who had a really lovable personality. Everyone on the Eddsworld Forums loved and respected him, and was always happy to see him post. I remember whenever he got on the chatbox on the first forum he had. People would practically flock to it just to see him talk. This man cared so much for his fanbase, that he fought leukemia just to please them with his animations, comics, and all the work he posted across the Internet. It's going to be hard to wear the two Eddsworld shirts I bought back in 2009 without being reminded of him.

Edd, you will and always be my favorite Newgrounds animator. Thank you for the memories, the laughs, and for introducing me to some of the greatest friends I have ever met through your forums. I really wish they were still up.

The Eddsworld Forums will always love your talent, Edd. Rest in peace.


2012-03-27 20:46:05

Rest in peace, Edd Gould. I am sorry to all of his loved ones. While I didn't often come to enjoy his work, I have seen a few, and he sounds like such a great person. I am sorry for your loss.


2012-03-27 21:02:09

I could hardly believe the news when I heard it. I was fortunate enough to meet Edd and he was indeed the nicest guy you could possibly hope to cross paths with. I will miss him greatly.


2012-03-27 21:03:13

he's probably jerking off in heaven with his balls dipped in coke as we type


2012-03-27 21:17:08


2012-03-27 21:21:52

Wow, what a loser !


2012-03-27 21:25:31

Class act, relentless work ethic, even streaming from his hospital bed.

Very sad news.


2012-03-27 21:46:40

What a waste of talent. R.I.P


2012-03-27 21:48:41

May the gods of the underworld be ever kind to such a kind and wonderful soul as Edd's. His life may have been cut short but it brought many people to laughter and smiles. Edd wherever you may be in the Underworld, know that people loved your videos and loved you through them. May you rest in peace friend.


2012-03-27 21:57:53



2012-03-27 21:58:25

He actually kept working even in his poor state of health. That's fucking dedication.


2012-03-27 21:58:29

This is going to come as a shock, but his cartoons never really appealed to me. (Especially compared to what Randy and Ben did.)


2012-03-27 22:04:13

I remember when I first discovered his animations. I remember watching his video where he told the world he had cancer. And I'll remember today when I learned of his death. Even though he's gone, he's been immortalised online and thus, many more will come across the day they discover his work; long past his death. R.I.P Edd. Love you. <3


2012-03-27 22:09:28

Shit :( is sad to hear that.


2012-03-27 22:23:26

Although I don't frequent NG often anymore, I remember Eddsworld as being one of the main successful funny flash series on this site that I envied so much. A particularly good Halloween episode comes to mind which I will rewatch. It sounds like he was such a genuinely kindhearted soul too.


2012-03-27 22:24:02

:__( R.I.P Edd,you're my most favorited animator of ALL-Time.I watch your cartoons since the WTFuture got uploaded.And I watched all of your episodes already.Thank you for entertaining us with your cartoon,and thank you for everything



2012-03-27 22:31:01

Oh my god, I had no idea!


2012-03-27 22:37:48

He will be greatly missed... I never talked to him but you could see he was genuine. Always loved his work. It's kinda a creepy thought that we will never see eddsworld again.. Well I'm sure tom and matt will upload stuff but... Never by edd... He shall be remembered forever!


2012-03-27 22:50:27

He may be gone, but while he was with us, he was a great inspiration to many. While most people look on his death and think tragedy, I'd like to take a moment to reiterate what AlmightyHans said earlier: He may have died young and had lots of talent that you may think "went to waste," but for the time he had on this Earth, he accomplished a lot,

He fucking did it. Good job.