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Posted by HappyHarry - February 10th, 2011

I always want to start these off by writing "WOW WHAT A CRAZY FEW WEEKS IT'S BEEN!" but all I've done for the last month is vegetate in front of a screen animating, drinking mountain dew and listening to toy reviews like a huge nerd. It's been a positively un-crazy month in fact.

If you read my last post you'll know that I was working on a short live action film in December. Well the whole thing got shot and was an immensely eye opening experience. I don't even want to go in to how much of a giant pain in the ass it was trying to get a dog to act at 3am on location in a freezing alleyway surrounded by crew who hadn't been payed/fed/properly briefed. I have never needed a break as badly as I did after I shot that film so I made an animation.

It was either Starbarians Episode 1 or something totally different and due to the fact that Starbarians was in legal limbo for a while with people that wanted to make a show out of it I made Skyrim instead.

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A lot of folks have asked why it isn't on Newgrounds and it's a combination of my lack of patience with having exporting problems (couldn't get it to export as one whole film as a swf, video wasn't a problem) as well as a few other things. By the time I got those issues fixed it had taken off on Youtube and I'd feel bad giving Newgrounds something that wasn't fresh. Next time it will be different. Hope you like it. Also, mad props to Sucho who has been doing some woefully underpayed colouring work for me. The girl is awesome.

Current project: Editing this film for Youtube and drinking LESS FUCKING DEW!



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no for serious, look up the screen shots.

this game shall reap the lives of many... many souls.

Fuck, I want that episode of Starbarians. Could you explain more about people wanting to turn it into a show?

I can't go in to much detail but a contract was written up and presented to me but we've yet to reach an agreement and honestly, I don't think it'll happen.

Sucho is whaaat?

Keep givin' us the good stuff. B)

where is the quote in your profile from?


yee haw

you can't call it 'da update' and NOT reference cwc.

Did you not watch the cartoon??

Well NOW I did, now that you MADE me. Jerk. Also holy shit that was amazing.

Thanks Krinks. I only mentioned it due to their being a cwc reference at the very beginning.

Dogs can be real divas at times.

thatta boy

i wonder if bethesda knows about your toon

i love how grey and desolate you made oneys skin like that of a sandshark's dorsal fin.

Dont worry. We still love you

Too...much...awsomness...brain...conn ot...proccess...

Yargh! Why can't I have your gift of animation/music/voice/writing? Your stuff is great.

Skyrim was awesome. Sucks that the live action film didn't work out though. :/

It's not that it didn't work out; it was just a difficult process and lots of compromises had to be made. The resulting film should still be....watchable.

you stay away from that oney boy, he is nothing but bad news

He's quite the Youtube sensation.

I laughed so hard at the last pic. Great animation.
And I know what you mean. We're shooting a movie as well and when you don't pay your cast you're bound to get disappointed once in a while.

Cast and crew were all wonderful actually, but we were bringing people in from overseas which gave us a very small window of time to get the thing shot and that simply wasn't enough. It was my fault entirely. A clever twist in the story had to be removed and the end conflict simplified to two guys slugging it out just so that the story even made sense. Bummer.

Seriously wonderful cartoon. When I realised it was going to be a song, I got so happy. You're some sort of crazy talent, dude, what the hell!

Thanks Dim. I'm tempted to do more musical stuff, the response has been good and it's always a blast to do.

Hey, someone well known made a front page post.


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