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"Why anyone would choose to live in a city where a purple hedgehog watches you have sex with your significant other every night is utterly beyond my comprehension"

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He was an amazing guy. I'm glad I got to know him. I'll miss him so much.

He will be sorely missed. He has brought joy to my heart with his amazing cartoons for years. I am shocked and sad he's gone. RIP Edd. :(

This is so sad. I've been watching Eddsworld for so long and he inspired me and many others to start animating in the first place. He really was an awesome guy and he will greatly missed.

Even though I didn't know him personally, I could tell what a good person he was. May he rest in peace.

I glanced at the video thinking it was a typical gag video that's been all the rage lately.

My eyes have been slightly watery ever since.

Hell of a dude. Nuff said.

He's been such an inspiration. It's sad to see him go. :(

Wow this sucks. I really liked Edd and his cartoons.

RIP Edd.


He was a great inspiration.

RIP eddmaster!
he was my idol...i will miss him ;C

Eddworld was probably one of the best contributors to Newgrounds and as far as I can remember, no one had anything bad to say about his work.


Wow, never would of thought this would happen. Rest in Peace Edd.

He must be the third death I was wondering about :/

that talented bastard turned what would be a miserable anchor for most into creative fuel. For that I have infinite respects. With that he immortalized himself and got to share his ideas with so many peeps.

Way to go Edd, you did it.

Edd may have died but his work will live forever in the hearts of millions and millions of people. RIP pal.

He was a great animator and person. Thanks you edd :D

He's inspired so many people like myself to better themselves in patience, commitment and determination with anything that they can put their mind to... he spawned a fanbase unlike no other, he adopted a fresh new style to cartoons out there, gave people what they wanted, and even more... Met the guy at the London Meet in 09, and was one of the most awesome people I had ever met, very kind hearted, and eager for pretty much anyone in his life...

R.I.P Edd... you'll be most certainitely missed :'(

I just saw WTFuture before this post was made.

This is surreal and disheartening. I loved the cartoons Edd and his team produced; they were just high octane fun and hilarity. I never knew he was sick. He'll surely be missed by all of us. Rest in Peace man.

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